Join our Thursday evening meetings at Royton each week at 8pm.


Members and guests can keep in touch by using our regular Nets.

Each Sunday - Multimode Digital Sunday Net - 9:30am until 10:30am - using your Hotspot connect to reflector XLX305A using

D-Star, C4FM or DMR

Each Monday Evening - alternating C4FM (Fusion) Simplex Net, D-Star Simplex Net, 2meter SSB Simplex Net.

All 8pm until 9pm

For C4FM and D-Star Meet on 144.6125MHz then QSY – For 2meter SSB Meet on 144.300MHz then QSY

Please check the club calendar if you are not sure which mode to use.

Each Wednesday - FM Simplex Net 8pm until 9pm - Meet on 145.500MHz then QSY usually near 145.400MHz


For the benefit of club members and anyone in the area we have set up a System Fusion (C4FM) Wires-X Gateway

MB6GO on 144.825MHz - available 24/7

Also there's the Oldham Amateur Radio Club Fusion Room on Reflector FCS004 Room 55